Learn English in nature

We offer a new and interactive way to learn English

What we offer is a new and interactive way to learn English. The student will immerse themselves in the language and learn to speak and interact naturally, increasing their confidence and growing within the language.

We offer our services to people of all ages and professions. Our school aims to enhance the best in each individual and help them develop communication skills in a creative and diverse way, opening a world of cultural wealth while learning English in nature.

Whether you want to pass an exam, improve your business and work English, gain everyday language skills and travel with confidence, or if you are looking to learn a language and have fun while cultivating self-esteem in your ability to speak and present yourself, then contact us and Find out how you can start your journey in the language where everything is possible.

Learn English in nature

Team Building linguistic immersion for your business

Come to the heart of the Andalusian countryside and experience a linguistic immersion and team building that will strengthen the relationship between your team and your colleagues.

Learn English to develop your self-confidence when dealing with the foreign market and to be able to make presentations, speeches and participate in meetings with confidence and consistent fluency. At the same time you discover the beauty of the natural mountain environment and an area rich in culture, while you disconnect from stress and discover a completely new environment and new skills in your English.

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Summer camps

Summer camps for children, where they can immerse themselves in the English language while having fun and learning new social and soft skills, as well as making new friends.

English Immersion courses

English immersion courses and soft skills restart courses in English. Through real-life situations and student immersion, we enhance their language skills and give them confidence and control over the language.

Cambridge Online courses

Intensive preparation courses for the Cambridge exams, all taught by native teachers, the options you have are the following:

Private English classes

Private classes are available for individuals and small groups of between 2 and 4 people.

These classes are perfect if you want to learn quickly or need to prepare for a job interview or presentations or work meetings.

Suitable for professionals or people who want to pass an exam quickly, or brush up on their English skills, want to take a specific course or learn about a particular field.

Cambridge A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 Intensive courses

Courses to improve the use of English and reading comprehension, the ability to listen, speak, colloquial phrases, phrasal verbs and writing skills. Prepare for exams and prepare to pass them.

Includes all the material and lessons from a native speaker with more than 14 years teaching the Cambridge exam.

Conversation classes

Conversation classes to improve your speaking ability to feel more confident and speak more fluently with a broader knowledge of vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idiomatic and colloquial expressions. Have a wide range of current and diverse topics to help the student think, open up and build confidence to speak, listen and be able to talk about a wide range of topics with a coherent flow.

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Our camps are designed for youth of various ages, generally ages 10 to 18. However, we offer family programs that people of all ages can participate in.

No specific level of English is required. Our programs are adapted for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Participants improve their English naturally during their stay.

We are located in exceptional natural environments in various regions. Check our website or contact us for information on specific locations and dates.

Safety is our priority. We have highly trained staff, rigorous safety procedures, and constant supervision to ensure participants are safe at all times.

Our team building camps include activities such as shelter building, orienteering games, team problem-solving challenges, and trust exercises. We encourage teamwork and leadership.

You can register online through our website in the “Reservations” section. You can also contact us by phone or email for assistance with the registration process.

The cost of the camps includes accommodation, meals, activities, English classes, materials and supervision. Specific details vary by program, so check the program description on our website.

We promote sustainable practices in all our camps, such as waste management, nature conservation and environmental education. We encourage respect for nature and teach the importance of caring for our local environment.

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